Membership Information

LIMITED AVAILABILITY Sponsor Membership Offer:

Lakecliff Golf Club

  • No Tee times
  • Bent grass greens
  • Same Professional Staff
  • Great Food and Drink
  • Relaxing Environment
  • Family Friendly
For the past two years we have invested in bringing the Lakecliff Golf Club back to the original Arnold Palmer conditions. If you haven’t played us in awhile, you will be impressed. We want you to come out and have a playing experience with us. 

Lakecliff Golf Club is offering the following limited offer:
  1. Come out and play a DEMO round for $50 plus cart fee to get a feel for our course. You can bring a guest who is interested in joining as well for the same price. There are no tee times so just show up and enjoy the course. You only get one DEMO opportunity.  So do it now.
  1. We are offering a limited time Sponsor Membership. Dues will be $400 per month for ages 35 and over. Dues for ages under 35 with be $350 per month. Cart fees are not included. We are waiving the contribution to our Capital Improvement Fund.  This is an extremely competitive, NO risk offer compared to any of the surrounding courses.  
  1. Call 830-798-0696 for more information.
This Sponsor Membership Offer is limited.  So, don’t wait, come out and play your Demo round today!

You can also join our Racquet Club:

Lakecliff Racquet Club
  • 7 Courts – 2 Clay
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Family Friendly
  • Special Social events with the two clubs

For membership information, please contact Lakecliff Racquet Club at or 
(512) 348 8804.  

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