Course Conditions

AS we go into the final stretch of summer here at Lakecliff the golf course is in fantastic shape. We have had a very hot (even for us) season. We have expeienced almost 50 days over 100 degrees (22 is typical) with that said the golf course and especially the greens have made it and have actually flourished. We have had to keep them abnormally wet to keep them from disease and burning up. Our members have been acustomed to perfect greens while at Lakecliff. Guests to Lakecliff almost always come to the golf shop after their round and let us know that our greens are the best they have ever played or as good as they have ever played. 

The turf conditions at Lakecliff are as good as they have been in years. The fairways are absolutley incredible. We have been lucky this summer with rainfall. Along with the higher than normal temps we have been lucky and have had an abnormal amount of welcomed rain. Looking at the extended forecast for the rest of the year we are supposed to stay in a wetter than normal climate.