Dress Attire


Members, spouses, children 12 years of age and older, and member guests, are expected to dress appropriately and in accordance with commonly accepted customs of a country club. Cut-offs, work out attire, short shorts, t-shirts, swimwear, and sweatsuits are prohibited. Collarless shirts are allowed as long as they are part of an overall, tasteful outfit.

Golf Course and Practice Area

Members, spouses, juniors, and guests are expected to dress in accordance with the commonly accepted customs of a country club and the traditions of the game of golf. Proper golf attire must be worn on the course and practice areas at all times. The following is required: All men must wear collared shirts tucked in pants or shorts. Belts should be worn if applicable. Shorts must be of appropriate length. The following are not allowed; non-golf cargo shorts, tennis shorts, gym shorts, jogging clothes, tank tops, and swimming attire. All caps must be worn properly with bill forward. Men may wear a mocked neck golf shirt. Ladies may wear collarless golf shirts un-tucked or sleeveless golf shirts. No t-shirts are allowed. Shoes may have flat or soft spikes, and should be worn at all times on the golf course to protect golfers from slipping on wet or uneven terrain. Metal spikes are not allowed. Tennis and running shoes are allowed. Shoes must be worn. No bare feet or sandals are permitted, except for golf sandals. These rules apply to all Members and guests of all ages.